Friday, February 9, 2007

First, thanks to EVERYONE who has posted. I hardly expected to see one comment, much less 9 =) you guys keep me going.

well this week thanks to me being croaky, i didn't talk much on the show, but next week, i'm gonna continue the ongoing saga of TA-Student relationships.

this week i have 2 questions for you:

1) what special activity do you have planned for valentine's day?


2) what do you like or dislike the most about CNY?

Best 2 posts get a beer each at Frujch!! (if you post anonymously maybe you wanna tell me who you are on msn or something so i can deliver the beer)

On tuesday: More on Beyonce's Irreplaceable and i'm unveiling a special audio montage i made for Artiste Of The Month. tune in at 12pm at

Sunday, January 28, 2007

holy shit! week 5?!?!

wow and a week is over just like that!! we're 1/3 into the school term. how fast is that?!

DJing on my own is shaping up to be pretty good. lots more freedom. I do miss having a partner to bounce off on though. (I'm trying to get my old In Vogue co-star to join me for a special show, so wait for that!!)

in case you missed what happened last week, here it is:

  • Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" got slammed
  • Bad news on Isaiah Washington and Grey's Anatomy (twice)
  • Heroes is BACK!
  • Best rant ever was read out on air

i was reading The Eclectic Room and the girls recommend asking out that someone special out as early as Wednesday for an event over the weekend. what do you think? As a guy i wouldn't mind shelving my plans for that girl even on friday night, but i suppose i wouldn't expect a girl to do the same..... what say you?

and for more dirt this week, do let me know what you think of TA-student or exTA-student relationships in school! remain anonymous if you want, but POST!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Welcome to Smug-U, a brand new show on SMU Campus Radio asking you to tell me anything and everything about school, be it whines, rants, gossip, ANYTHING!!

for this week: i'm looking for thoughts on the first week of school, whether it was good/bad for you, are there cute guys/hot chicks in your class, do your profs suck and everything else like that.

either post a comment here (you may remain anonymous if you want) or send an email to your contributions will be read out on Smug-u, on Tuesday and Thursday from 12-1pm on SMU Campus Radio (go to to tune in!)