Friday, February 9, 2007

First, thanks to EVERYONE who has posted. I hardly expected to see one comment, much less 9 =) you guys keep me going.

well this week thanks to me being croaky, i didn't talk much on the show, but next week, i'm gonna continue the ongoing saga of TA-Student relationships.

this week i have 2 questions for you:

1) what special activity do you have planned for valentine's day?


2) what do you like or dislike the most about CNY?

Best 2 posts get a beer each at Frujch!! (if you post anonymously maybe you wanna tell me who you are on msn or something so i can deliver the beer)

On tuesday: More on Beyonce's Irreplaceable and i'm unveiling a special audio montage i made for Artiste Of The Month. tune in at 12pm at


you-know-who said...

1) erm nothing because my bf is in freaking aust. anyway my special activity in the true spirit of SMU would be IE meeting from 2-8pm

2) dislike: the cb CNY songs they blast in departmental stores and the excess of the 12 animals everywhere. like omg you can't stop seeing a pig everywhere you turn now.

Anonymous said...

1) Like every other smoo student, I had a date with my Creative Thinking group and another later in the night with a Psychology book. It was hawt.

2) dislike: I've been eating prata for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 days in a row because it's the ONLY FREAKING STALL that's open around here. [heh... i don't celebrate CNY you see]